Ragweed Picture

Pictures Of Contact Dermatitis Rash

Ragweed Pic
Ragweed Pic

Ragweed Flower Small
Images Of Ragweed
Images Of Ragweed

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Pollen And Mold Count
Pollen And Mold Count

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Ragweed Rash
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Comments on ragweedpicture.com

Diana says:    


STOP SHOWING GOLDENROD AS RAGWEED! NOT THE SAME PLANT AT ALL! Goldenrod is known by the botanical name Solidago.

Sis Abbott says:    


you show pictures of golden rod... ragweed does NOT have yellow flowers. plants with colored flowers, yellow, red, etc. are pollenated by bees and other insects so dont produce the "fly away" pollen that causes allergies...its ragweed and grasses that have wind blown pollenation that causes the problem.the pollen is finer, the "flowers" are green with no color.

Rick Wardrope says:    


What varieties of ragweed are found in northern ohio

chazz says:    


That looks like goldenrod, not ragweed. Oops

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